Estrella Embroidery Academy, hosted by the local beauty celebrity Eiko, is a famous beauty academy in Malaysia that focuses on women's eyebrows, lips as well as other superb beauty courses.
Eiko is hailed as Malaysia's most excellent beauty instructor. She has been invited, on numerous occasions, to Beijing, Shanghai, Korea, Macau and so on to sit on the panel of judges for international beauty trend, she has also been invired to join high-end international exchanges in many Asian countries.
As a long-standing R&D expert in eyebrow embroidery and lip enhancement, Eiko has introduced popular Asian techniques inthese two areas to Malaysia. Now, beauty enthusiasts do not need to go to Korea to get beautiful lips and eyebrows of famous Korean film stars.

Estrella Embroidery Academy provides superb beauty courses for beauty salon owners, senior beautycians, beauty experts, novices in the beauty industry etc.
The well-equipped academy, together with its practical courses, enables students to easily master the secrets of eyebrow embroidery and lip enchancement so that, upon graduation, they can apply their well-learned expertise in their jobs. Estrella Embroidery Academy is hailed as the provider of value-for-money courses.
Estrella Embroidery Acandemy
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Estrella is International Beauty Eyebrow Modeling Academy, EIKO TANG Professional instructor personally taught.To ensure that every student can learn the practical skills of fashion!Love yourself and show the most beautiful of yourself, so that in the workplace and in life have the popularity and opportunity.Enhance the technical approach and training course. Introductory course for students without foundation, through the system to master proficiency in a variety of techniques, include: eyebrows design, lips, design the various types of facial features and etc. A good technology, can use it always.
Eiko Tang
Academy Offers Price
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Basic Class
RM 3988
  • 学院文凭
  • 韩式半永久飘眉
  • 纹眉,打雾,传统纹绣知识
  • 掌握纹绣手法技巧
  • 韩式手工美瞳内眼线
  • 掌握不同类型的面型眉毛设计
  • 纹绣注意事项
  • 等更多...
Intermediate Class
RM 6800
  • 学院文凭
  • 韩式半永久飘眉(手工)
  • 水雾眉(手工)
  • 红眉转色/蓝莓转色
  • 仪器美瞳线
  • 水晶唇 & 果冻唇
  • 韩式芭比唇 & 花瓣唇 & 改乌黑唇色
  • 等更多...
Entrepreneurship Class
RM 8800
  • 学院文凭 & 韩国国际文凭
  • 韩式半永久飘眉(手工)
  • 雾状眉(MTS仪器)
  • 手工美瞳线 & 粉嫩乳晕
  • 高端明星粉黛眉(MTS仪器)
  • 红眉转色/蓝眉转色
  • MTS 仪器美瞳线
  • 等更多...